Climbing 577 Positions, Lakshit-Chandril Achieve Career Best Ranking

Noida, Khelratna: Time, 6:40, PM.

Within a year city’s tennis doubles Lakshit and Chandril jumped 577 positions to reach career best ranking. Latest ranking issued by Associations of Tennis Professionals (ATP) reveals they made room for themselves in world’s best 298 doubles player. They are the first tennis players from Uttar Pradesh to achieve this milestone.

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lakshit-chandril, File Photo

During November, 2016 Lakshit and Chandril ranked 875. Their hard work paid off. For last 14 months they grabbed seven   International doubles titles. While in other five they stood as runners up. Meanwhile in other International titles they made it to the semi-finals. Ten days back they ranked 327. By clinching 198 ATP points they actualized this breakthrough.

When asked to comment about their fulfillments, both of them said that in future they will try their luck in Challenger Tennis along with other International Titles. By next year both aim to reach at 200th position. Coach of Lakshit and Chandril, Ratan Sharma stated that players are sweating hard, so he assured of their enhanced performance in days to come.


Journey so far:

October 16, 2017:  Nigeria Futures Tennis, Runner-up

September 18, 2017: India Futures Tennis, Winner

September 11, 2017: India Futures 8 Tennis, Winner

June 26, 2017: Srilanka Futures 2 Tennis, Winner

March 13, 2017: India Futures 5 Tennis, Winner

December 2, 2016: Egypt Futures 37 Tennis, Winner

December 5, 2016: Egypt Futures 36 Tennis, Winner

November 28, 2016: Egypt Futures 35 Tennis, Winner



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