FIR to be Filed Against Karate Trainers Teaching Violence

Noida, Khelratna: Time, 1:10, AM.

In a matter of its own kind, two karate trainers coaching in Noida Stadium have been found to teach violent techniques to their students. The matter came into light via a video clip, after which a complaint was filed to the District Magistrate. Seeking cognizance into the issue DM has ordered a detailed probe and action against the two trainers.

BN singh, DM, GB Nagar,


In a meeting between district administration and sports federations on Wednesday allegations were made against the trainers on the basis of two video clips. First video is of 1.29 minutes. It shows the trainer explaining techniques to one of the student. While training, he suddenly hits him on his face. Hurt by the attack the trainee sits covering his face from hands. Second video lengthens to 27 seconds. It has shows that the trainees were made to lie down and bike rode on their hands. During the meeting DM questioned about the technical aspects of karate from a trainer and he failed to answer correctly. Subsequently sports department is also probing for the other technical aspects after which it is all set to file the FIR against the stadium trainers. Simultaneously DM BN Singh has asked ADM Kumar Vineet and sports officer Anita Nagar to verify the video clip.

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